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Dr. Zachary Batchelder|26| FC: Joseph Morgan| Doctor| OPEN|

Zachary is a doctor who came from an institution in England. He isn’t strict, and very carefree. He hates to be called Doctor, or Zachary. He much rather prefer Zach over anything. Though Laura calls him ‘Batch’.  He is very much aware of the ghost activity here, that being the only reason he wanted to work here. Though living here so he could be closer to work has become a little hard with all the ghosts. Batch does not know about Laura being a ghost, but he has an idea that she is. He will never tell the patients there are really ghost, for one not wanted to be enrolled here as a patient himself, and two because he does not believe it is safe for everyone to know. He goofs off a lot, and is very sarcastic and flirtatious. He knows he gets on Laura’s nerves, and thats why he makes an effort to bother he everyday.

(Source: mad-girl-odair)

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